Metal Shop Committee Meeting 20210501

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Time, location

2021-05-01 12:00pm Dallas Makerspace & Google Meet

Meeting minutes are presently missing


  • Tails Hartnett
  • Malcolm Galland
  • John Owen
  • Randy Lisbona
  • HB Smart II
  • Tim Bene


  • 480v is in the scope of current construction work.
  • Per last meeting, Tails Hartnett steps down from chair due to board election


  • Charles voted for Chair in absentia- 5 FOR 1 abstain (Tim Bene) - should Charles decline new election will be held next meeting.
  • Allocate up to $750 for an oxygen monitor in the metal shop as a safety upgrade - Unanimous

Tasks completed

  • Cleaning
  • Last LED fixture installed
  • Evaluated failure on the oven; internal SSR had melted into a closed contact state