Metal Shop Committee Meeting 20210605

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Time, location

2021-06-05 12:01pm Dallas Makerspace & Google Meet

Meeting convened 12:01 PM

  • Charles Procter (Chair)
  • Malcolm Galland
  • Doyle Calvert
  • Reid Mulkey
  • Freddy Calvert
  • Tails Hartnett
  • David Turner
  • Lamont Fallon
  • David Shannon
  • H B Smart II
  • Max Holthaus
  • No online attendees.

The chair noted that the accounting reporting system was not functioning, then listed the expenditures for repairs and estimated the committee balance to be between 500 and $700.

The one major repair item the powdercoating oven was the subject of spirited discussion. The issue was tabled pending further enquiry into the options.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:53 PM