Metal Shop Committee Meeting 20210710

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Time, location

2021-07-10 03:00pm Dallas Makerspace & Google Meet

DMS Metal Shop meeting 7/10/21

Meeting began at 3:00 PM

Discussion on eventually replacing Hobart flux core welder. Discussion centered on purchasing professional grade vs entry level machines (Miller). There was some discussion repairing a 2006 vintage Hobart. Information will be collected on professional grade Miller MIG machines, options and cost(s) and presented to Metal shop leadership.

Discussion regarding cleaning painting and reorganizing the Metal shop area. There was some comment about the suitability of using outdoor satin/semigloss paint.

Additional discussion on the disposition of the fiber laser. The concept was that the fiber laser would be eventually discarded and the space used for the Metal shop expansion.

The status of the powder coating oven was discussed regarding repairing the oven. The discussion centered on rebuilding the PID /solid state relays / Rasp Pi vs using the original control. The oven will be derated by removing 1 of 4 heating elements to reduce current draw to less than 50 amps.

The vapor hone was noted to have belt sander dross in it and requires cleaning. A discussion regarding the safe disposable of wastewater and grit. The hone needs a new LED light. Discussion regarding replacing the window “air knife”.

RANDY Lisbona offered the long-term loan of a Diacro bender to DMS. It was accepted and paperwork will be filed.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:15 PM.

In attendance were the following:

  • Charles Procter(Chair)
  • Brian Mace
  • Ian Spurlock
  • Jon Glidden
  • Cooper Cihak
  • Paul Cihak
  • Randy Lisbona
  • Jim Kretar
  • Steve Alaniz
  • Freddy Calvert
  • David Shannon
  • Art Givens
  • Julie Harris


  • Tim Bene
  • Malcolm Galland
  • Tails Hartnett