Metal Shop Committee Meeting 20210810

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Time, location

2021-08-10 03:00pm Dallas Makerspace & Google Meet

Dallas Makers Space Metal Shop Meeting Minutes 8/10/21 Opening The regular meeting of the Dallas Makers Space Metal Shop was called to order at 3:07 PM on 8/10/21 in DMS conference room by Charles Procter, Chairman of the Metal Shop 4:22 PM. Present In attendance: Edsel Wu, Alan Faragher, Kevin Thompson, Victoria Wixon, Randy Lisbona, David S Ammnan, Beth Appleton, Joe Brown, Jerry Breitling, Joe Gursky, Jerry Breitling, Art Givens, Tim Bene, David L. Turner, Thomas Fagan, Charles Procter, Jim Kreter, Jim Hartnett.

Approval of Minutes The minutes of the 7/10/21 were not available for review, discussion or approval. Open Issues

   1. Painting the Metal Shop.  A motion was made and seconded for painting supplies for approximately $750 and approved unanimously.  Discussion then entered on moving all equipment out of the Metal shop to repair, reconfigure and paint the metal shop instead of in stages.  The Chairman will solicit input from the effected adjacent departments, the Logistics group and Metal Shop users.
   2. The Hobart MIG welder is malfunctioning.  Tim Bene offered to trouble shoot the Hobart welder and determine a disposition.
   3. MIG classes are hampered the lack of a second MIG welder.  Bids for a Millermatic 255 for $3605, a Miller Multimatic for $4150 or a Miller Multimatic for $6575 have been received from Metroplex welding.  Discussion centered on the advantages of the Miller Multimatic machines.  The bids are time critical and the prices are not firm beyond 30 days.
   4. The powder coating oven is down.  Discussion centered on repairing the broken oven for approximately $800 vs disposal (unknown cost) and purchasing a new oven with a roll in cart for $2700 from Creative Coating Solutions.  Dimensions and capabilities of the new oven are now specified.  It was noted that powder coat spraying is restricted to the parking lot.  The decision to have a special meeting with all concerned parties with in 2 weeks for a final disposition of the powder coating oven.

New Business

   1. The chairman recognized Max Holter, Randy Lisbona, Tim Bene, Art Givens, Jason Harner and Feddy Calvert for their effort to maintain the Metal Shop, train new members and donate their time, and effort.
   2. The current Metal Shop balance is $2006.83.  
   3. Income from the card reader for metal shop services has dropped from $168.00 to $1.74 last month.  The issue will be discussed with the treasurer by the Metal Shop Chairman and a remedy pursued.
   4. The meetings rule states that all department meetings must be posted on the Wiki 13 days, 12 hours prior to the next meeting.  A motion was made to amend the Wiki to state that the Metal Shop meeting will be once a month and to refer to the DMS events calendar for specifics.  The motion carried unanimously.
   5. The demand for welding classes continues.  Classes to be scheduled as instructors are available.

Adjournment Meeting was adjourned at time by Charles Procter, Chairman of the Metal Shop 4:22 PM. The next general meeting will be at time on 9/4/21 at 3:00PM DMS conference room. Minutes submitted by: James Kreter  8/8/21. Approved by: Charles Procter