Metal Shop special Committee Meeting 20210821

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8.21.21 - Metal Shop Special Meeting

Powder Coating Oven

Notes Taken by Shay Galland


  • Charles Procter
  • Tim Bene
  • Chuck Graff
  • Shay Galland
  • Malcolm Galland
  • Beth Appleton
  • David Kissenger
  • Tails Hartness
  • Sean O’Callahan
  • Jeremy Bluebaugh
  • Ian Spurlock
  • Thomas
  • Doyle Calvert
  • Burt
  • Jayson Woods (Call in)
  • Denis Sheridan (Call in)
  • Nick Silva (Call in)
  • Art Givens (Call in)
  • Freddy Calvert (Call in)
  • Max


  • NFPA only requires us to spray outside. We should put that in writing.
  • Option 1: Replace oven
    • Tails says: Buying a new oven of same footprint would be approx. $3400 with $1000 donation (so $2400 cost to DMS).
  • Option 2: Repair Oven
  • Option 3: Get rid of all powder coating ovens.

David Kissenger: Motion to retain powder coating capabilities in metal shop. Malcolm Galland: Second
For: 11
Against: 2
Abstain: Tim bene, Sean O’Callahan, Nick Silva,

David Kissenger: Motion to procure a replacement oven. Malcolm Galland: Second
For: 12
Against: 0
Abstain: Sean O'Callahan, Tim Bene, Charles Proctor, Nick Silva, Thomas

Things we want in a powder coating oven: 1. Retain size
2. Rolling Cart


  • Store rack with compressor and hose reel and cart in oven. With volunteers we could

add a compressed air drop outside in the designated powder coating spot.

  • Can we place the oven where the old machine shop is until laser is moved? That way we

don’t have to put it through the door. Would need to request that to the board.

Malcolm: Motion to procure the 4x4x8 foot powder coating oven with cart, built in elements, and convection from Creative Coating Solutions for not to exceed $5500 pending that the power consumption is under 50A. Second: many
For: 14
Against: 0
Abstaining: Tim, Sean, Nick

Malcolm: Motion to remove the old oven from metal shop however acceptable by DMS standards. Seconded: Chuck
For: unanimous
Against: na
Abstaining: na

Chuck: Motion to petition relevant parties to place new oven in old machine shop or compatible space until the space is needed for woodshop expansion. Seconded: Malcolm Galland
For: unanimous
Against: na
Abstaining: na
Motion to adjourn.