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From: Ed Paradis [email protected] 
Subject: [DMS] More ideas on group methods
Date: July 30, 2010 at 10:03 AM 
To: [email protected]

Hi again everyone,

Here are some more ideas being discussed in the IRC channel.

- New members have a 3 month probation period before getting a key
- The probation period can be waved by a vote of the other key holders
(simple majority)
- Key holders start out as the people on the lease: Mark, Peter, Ed
and the DPRG board (which Paul runs right now)
- Decisions in the group are made by a vote of the current paid
members that are not on probation as of the date of the vote (simple

The main purpose of the votes is to set Group Policy.  Examples of
Group Policy are:
"No biology experiments in the refrigerator."
"Do not be creepy and hit on the other members."
"No unaccompanied guests."
"Everyone must sign a waiver to use the big tools."

( remember we'd need to vote on these to make them formal, these are
just examples !! )

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