Motorsports Committee Meeting 20200821

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Time, location

2020-08-21 7:00, Interactive Classroom and Google Meet


  • Chuck Graf
  • David Shannon
  • Jay Johnson
  • Franklin Luu
  • Jason Harner
  • Mike Kielbasa
  • David Mann
  • Julio Sumarriva
  • Bryan Smith


  • Allocate up to $1500 for rebuild of KA24DE engine - Unanimous

Action Items

  • Need new vice chair: Bryan is very busy with work, Jason volunteered to handle meeting scheduling etc.
  • Crank has been machined, order high-performance bearings to safeguard against future failure
  • Getting behind schedule to make the September race, need to start parts ordering
  • Develop maintenance checklist for when the car comes off the track
  • Shocks are totally worn, need to source non-adjustable replacements, and be mindful of Champcar points
  • Beg, borrow and steal tools: Mike K has ring compressor, DMS has valve spring compressor, Purchase Cylinder Hone and PLastigauge