MultiCam 2.0 Test for Authorized users prior to July 2021

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As it has become obvious through recurring MultiCam damage some previously authorized users were not prepared to use this machine safely.

All Previous Authorized Users are required to demonstrate the same knowledge and skills as those who have attended the new training classes.

Please don't expect any help preparing if you select to pursue this path.

Machine Upgrade Session

It is highly recommended that all candidates reach out on Talk to setup a time to personally review the new machine setup and rules with a checkout supervisor.

Revisions to usage have been made that need to be shared with Authorized Users. This abridged version of the new machine training class will only cover the changes in mandatory process procedures.

If you are fuzzy on the existing process, Do Not expect this walk through to help much. To improve retention and learning, class sizes will be limited to maximum of five candidates.

It has become apparent that it will be too time intensive to do this one member at a time. A short class for 5 members at a time will be available to review this information for free, although we reserve the right to charge for the class later if it becomes necessary to attract instructors. If you don't want to wait for the next class you might be able receive a one off by a certified teacher for a small fee.

Sometimes certain instructors might be willing to waive the fee in lieu of you completing a specific set of tasks(chores) in the Woodshop. This would be an arrangement between the members, and not between a member and DMS.

CAD portion

Each candidate will be provided a drawing to recreate as part of the machine orientation class. This is an example drawing, do not use unless you have been dorected to do so.

Job information:

Provided blank will be approximately 12" x 12"

Job is to be centered on the blank

Line art is to be 3.0" wide and 2.5" tall

Inner circle is based on a 2" radius from center

Font is  Futura West 1L = 0.4” Height, Centered

Assets required:

Hammer & saw line art file

Download this line art file

CAM portion

Tool path settings are listed on this job setup sheet.

Note: Please place 4 tabs that are 0.2" thick, one centered on each side.


Complete PDF of Job Setup Sheet


When you preview your CAM the resulting display should look like this. If it doesn't then you should review your work.


Using shop drawing, CAM your drawing file as called out on drawing.

MultiCam Operation Session

Please be able to explain and demonstrate the following:

MultCam machine operations

Filter and dust collection procedures

Various pendant buttons and their functions.

Differences between up-cut, down-cut, compression, and v-carve.

Proper use of our collet system.

The loading and processing tool paths.

Using the MuliCam safety features.

Community Spoil Board Policy

Community spoil boards will be provided as a courtesy. These are for sharing, as such cutting into them isn't an option. Be prepared to post-process your cuts to remove the last .001" of material.

Plunging into these shared spoil boards requires over-riding max depth and will result incurring a resurfacing fee of $30. You will not receive the damaged board afterwards. If your project requires cutting completely through, either purchase a spoil board from the CNC committee, or bring your own.

Machine Table Damage Policy

Never Neglect To Set Max Depth

Never Dril Holes - In the past, this has resulted in table fires. Always use a bit that is under-sized and spiral cut to final diameter.

Damage to the primary vacuum surface WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

There is a fee of $250 if you harm the table. Gone are the days of the rag, tag table, and never knowing of the machine will be functional. During repairs the machine will most likely be offline for at least two to three working days in order to replace the substrate. The team will be required to source new LDF material, marine epoxy with filler, machine screws, reprogram the machine to support machining the dog holes, and then reprogramming to the current state.

Don't Neglect to set max depth and you will never encounter this issue.

Testing Out

Schedule Pass/Fail test session to demonstrate your knowledge, abilities and understanding of the machine and rules. There is a $25 fee to be paid to the test supervisor prior to beginning.