Notes 20110915

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At long last, we finally have the lab rebuilt! Let the biology projects begin!

We need:

  • a microwave
  • an autoclave or pressure cooker
  • an incubator (we could make a basic one from a 100w light bulb in cooler 100m cultures)
  • some kind of flame source for fixing gels on slides

Some things to do with our newfound bio lab:

  • A simple microscopy lab (get the microscope out and look at things)
  • Isolate DNA, cut up, run on gel to teach basic techniques
  • Get PCR up and running, send samples out for sequencing

There is a Wired magazine article on DIY bio in this month's episode. Also, here is an [interesting Wired blog post]

We had a discussion about closed or semi-closed ecosystem models, where there are plants and fish feeding each other. Biocurious built very small ones for kids.

We want to find a good DIY bio experimental series and start running it, to have some structure.