Notes 20110929

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  • A member who has Heberden's nodes was interested in research that condition and the pathways that affect it. We looked for information on any identified contributing genetic markers using 23 and Me (none have been identified). We suggested participating in crowd-sourced medical research through Patients Like Me, which has a project on Heberden's nodes
  • We need to get a demo together for the Open House 2011. Activity will begin to focus on this.
  • We are putting together a curriculum of lab experiments to get activity started.
  • Philip gave a talk on PCR techniques. There is a virtual lab you can do on this.
  • Other topics discussed included microfluidics and millimeter scale self-assembly.
  • A TED talk on self-assembly shows a chain made with self-biased physical pieces which, when you shake it, folds up like a protein. It made is realize we need more macro-scale physical models of molecular machines.