Notes from Workshop Re-Configure Meeting 20170717

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Notes from Workshop Re-Configure Meeting, Monday, July 17, 2017

Convene 7:02 PM


Dan Gallagher


Bill Gee


  • Dan Gallagher, chair Logistics
  • Chuck Graf, chair Metal Shop and Motor Sports
  • Andrew Zalaket, chair Woodshop
  • Cairenn Day, representing Jewelry/Small Metals
  • Joseph Lahoud, chair Jewelry/Small Metals
  • Nick Silva, chair Machine Shop
  • Merissa Green, chair Laser
  • Alex Rhodes, director
  • Luke Strickland, representing Infrastructure
  • Kobin Caddick, representing Science
  • Jayson Woods, chair VECTOR
  • Kris Anderson, director, representing 3D Fabrication
  • Beth Appleton, chair Fired Arts
  • Stan Simmons, chair Infrastructure
  • Bill Gee, chair Classroom

Project Storage

  - There are lots of Woodshop projects needing storage.
  - Dan would like to move Vertical Storage into the Woodshop
    and have them manage it.
    - Andrew: There are issues storing in there with space and
      - Proposes dedicating part of Vertical Storage for
        Woodshop projects.
    - Not everything is tagged so we do know the owner.
  - Proposes moving the tool wall back to where it was along
    with some shelves and let Woodshop have that as shared
    perpetual storage.
  - Andrew: Give preferential treatment for those who are here
    every day.
  - Alex and others: No!
  - Chuck: In the past, long-term storage can be requested
    without having to come to a meeting every month.
  - 80% to 90% of the stuff we haul off is apparently Woodshop
    related.  Can they help to manage it?
  - We currently have a rule against personal storage in
    committee areas.
  - The goal is to have the storage slots numbered.
  - And the real argument is members with ongoing projects.
  - Vertical Storage is problematic due to the difficulty in
    offsiting and in IDing owners.
  - Kris: We had an accident with a metal rod in Vertical
    Storage falling on someone.
  - We will need some way to secure items.
  - Alex: We are one of the few makerspaces not charging for
    storage space.  The problem is that someone with money can
    tie it up.
  - Dan: Several people have been getting several spots, but
    that situation is better now.
  - The problem with sharing slots is knowing who to notify
    before offsiting.
  - Chuck: Currently, the cycle is based on the calendar month
    meaning a short period if start near the end of a month.
  - Intended storage action plan:
    - Replicate the ticket printing system.
    - Number the shelves.
    - Modify the system to allow sliding dates.
  - Kris: I dislike offsite storage.  Can we treat items as
  - Chuck: Offsite storage is avoiding a "death penalty" in
    case of a clerical error.
  - Alex and Andrew: against auctioning anybody's goods.
  - Kris: But they read the agreement before getting the space.
  - The problem with rolling periods is keeping track of what
    is what, especially offsite.
  - Andrew: Can we hire a moving service to help with the
  - Nick: How much is offsited?
  - Dan: One to several pickup truck loads.
  - Alex: An automated system can do notifications.
  - Alex: We are willing to pay for a solution.
  - Nick: What sizes do we have?
  - Dan: Two sizes plus palette storage.
  - Kris: Proxies are a problem; the person may not understand
    the need to finish the project.
  - Automation allows implementing a credit system.

Vacuum Former

  - Allocate space near the pillar with the power drop.
  - Storage shelves there now pose a problem because the
    stairs cannot be moved there, so people are accessing from
    the Machine Shop side.
  - Chuck: It does not draw that much power (208V, 1 phase,
    14 amps); we can use an extension cord.
  - Kris: We need a work table nearby and storage for material
    to buy.
  - Is there a problem with the cold saw and band saw nearby?
  - Alex: ABS storage under a table?
  - The DPRG storage can be on a shelf above the vacuum former.
    Also committee storage space.
  - Move the silkscreen unit next to the vacuum former.
  - Kris: What about the electrical room?
  - Chuck: Code says we cannot have anything near the
    electrical panels.
  - The art storage at the end of the shelf will go away; the
    stairs will live there.

Jewelry/Small Metals Expansion

Jewelry/Small Metals wants some more space for work area in front of their current committee space.

Alex: This will essentially get rid of the open work area over there.

Field Trip out to examine the Workshop and continue discussion

Science Expansion

Science wants an extra 6" wide strip from the wall at the VECTOR end for the sterile area, about 96" long.


- Allocate space for the vacuum former near the pillar with
  the power drop.
- It will be under a shelf containing DPRG and committee
- The big shelf next to it will remain project storage.
- Move the blue shelf to the other side of the Workshop by the
  Woodshop Annex.  There is probably another similar unit in
  offsite storage.
- Attach pegboard on the other side of the Ryobi tool rack for
  hanging other tools.  Automotive is supposedly planning to
  move their tool cabinets away from this area to form a divider
  between them and Machine Shop.
- Bring the original free shelf back.
- Palette storage does not go away, but it is flexible.

Utility Cart

- Stan requests that Logistics purchase a smaller cart, 
  approximately 20x30.  Get several that nest.