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It is time for Dallas Makerspace's annual Open House! It will be held November 10th (a Saturday) starting at noon and will go the whole day. This even is open to the public and will be held at its location in Dallas:

2995 Ladybird Ln Dallas TX

Food Sign Up

Please put your name and what you will be bringing to the potluck:

  • Alyssa Pipe - Chili
  • Peter Smith - Bistro B eggrolls, maybe more! 8)
  • DMS - Meat
  • Nicole LeCody - Pasta salad

Schedule of Events

Bolded text are slots for featured demo's and talks. These slots will be a full hour long. All other times are as needed.

  • Classroom:
    • 1:00pm-Steve Rainwater (Talk TBA)
    • 3:00pm-Eric Chaney (Demo/Talk on Blender)
    • 5:00pm
    • 7:00pm
  • Warehouse:
    • 2:00pm
    • 4:00pm-John Haskins (Demo on Blacksmithing)
    • 6:00pm
  • Laser Cutter:
    • 5:00pm-Haley Moore (Demo on Wax Seals)
  • Darkroom:

(Run Times TBA)

  • Electronics Room:
    • Through The Day-Andrew (demos on soldering)

Giveaways/Free Stuff

(This section will be used for people who want to create something that can be given away during Open House. Similar to the crochet DIY flowers Nicole LeCody made last year.)

DIY Kits

(This section will be used for people who have a DIY kit they can create for the Open House that guests can give a donation for and put together on location. Similar to the robot badges we had last year.)

  • Robot Badges (donation suggested)

Items For Display

(If you have something you've made that you would like to simply have on display at the event place your name and what you are displaying here.)

  • Nicole LeCody: Vintage cameras and darkroom produced photographs
  • Steve Rainwater: Found Object Robot Art, vintage cameras, Traveling Arc (assuming it's still around)
  • Alyssa Pipe: R2D2, walking hexapod robot, maybe ord bot 3d printer
  • Stan Simmons: PBX, Electric Bike, wireless charging cell phone
  • Karl Mohler: Electromagnetic pendulum sculpture


(This section will be for a list of media sites/groups to inform of our event as well as whether or not they've been contacted. Section also for all flyers made for the event for easy access)