Printmaking Committee Meeting 20201119

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Meeting starts Thursday November 19 at 7:00 pm

Printmaking Chair: Lisa Gabriel

Virtual Attendees:

Rose Smith

Paul Wilson

Astrud Aguirre

Darren Trizzino

Physical Attendees:

Russell Crow

April Burk

Judy Kriehn


The chair reviewed old business and the list below to determine if any changes have been made. Updates to list as noted below.

1). Fire safe cabinet, $500, PURCHASED

2). Tall red supply cabinet, $219, to be purchased in the next few weeks

3). Computer monitor for dedicated lab computer, $100-200, potentially supplied by another area

4). WF 7720 Wide Format Printer, $300,

5). Large format etching press donation. We will not adopt this press, deal fell through.

VOTE to officially nominate Lisa Gabriel as solo chair or printmaking:

- For: 7

- Against: 0

- Abstain: 0


DISCUSSION ABOUT Direct To Garment (DTG) device:

Tom Cochran offers a DTG machine to DMS as a donation.

Judy, Kreihn, Chair of Creative Arts was at meeting to discuss the decision to NOT accept the DTG donation in Creative Arts. She thought

printmaking might be interested in adopting the machine. A vote was taken of whether or not printmaking would adopt the DTG, results below.

VOTE to accept DTG in printmaking:

- For: 1

- Against: 6

- Abstain: 0


Judy Kreihn will respond to Tom Cochran to thank him for the offer but DMS declines the offer.

Projects and Classes:

April Burk and Rose Smith will coordinate a block making holiday wrapping paper class scheduled sometime in December, more details to come on this.

Lisa Gabriel is working on a letterpress Christmas card.

Lisa Gabriel will do some research on how to remotely train people for printmaking sign off, more to come on this.

Review of Team Printmaking talk group, add the following to the list April Burke, Russell Crow, Darren Trizzino and Rose Smith

Meeting adjourned 8:30pm