Printmaking Committee Meeting 20201217

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Meeting starts Thursday December 17 at 7:00 pm

Printmaking Chair: Lisa Gabriel

December meeting held virtual on Google Meets.

Virtual Attendees:

Paul Wilson

Astrud Aguirre

Darren Trizzino

Russell Crow

Alberto Martinez


The chair reviewed old business and the list below to determine if any changes have been made. Updates to list as noted below.

1). Fire safe cabinet, $500, PURCHASED

2). Tall red supply cabinet, $219, PURCHASED

3). Paul has a Dell computer he plans to install in Printmaking

4). Computer monitor for dedicated lab computer, $100-200, potentially supplied by another area

5). Video card is needed for the monitor, may need to purchase this, TBA

6). WF 7210 Wide Format Printer, $300, this purchase will be completed before next months meeting

VOTE to purchase WF 7210 Wide Format Printer for printing film positives (screen printing) and negatives (letterpress polymer):

- For: 6

- Against: 0

- Abstain: 0


Workspace organization and testing:

Committee members are working on organizing the area and replenishing supplies.

The new storage cabinet is being installed and supplies are being relocated to new spaces.

The computer will be installed soon to begin testing with positives and negative films.

Paul Wilson has purchased some scrap photo polymer to test making letterpress plates.

Lisa Gabriel will look into what type of bulbs are needed for the UV Light box donated to DMS.

Meeting adjourned 8:15pm