Printmaking Committee Meeting 20210121

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Meeting starts Thursday January 21 at 7:00 pm

Printmaking Chair: Lisa Gabriel

January meeting held virtual on Google Meets.

Virtual Attendees:

Paul Wilson

Astrud Aguirre

Darren Trizzino

Rose Smith

Physical Attendees:

Tom Chochran

Lisa Gabriel


The chair reviewed old business and the list below to determine if any changes have been made. Updates to list as noted below.

1). Fire safe cabinet, $500, PURCHASED

2). Tall red supply cabinet, $219, PURCHASED

3). Paul has an AMD Phenom 6100 CPU based system with 8gigs RAM, 250Gb SSD drive, & Wacom Bamboo Drawing Tablet

he is installing currently in Printmaking, ONGOING

° he is waiting on a video card, possible donation from James Mofitt

° he is re-formatting a hard drive to install in the computer

4). Computer monitor for lab computer, monitor is installed, COMPLETE

5). Video card is needed for the monitor, possible donation from James Mofitt

6). WF 7210 Wide Format Printer, $300, PURCHASED

7). Ink, cleaning solutions and transparencies supplies, PURCHASED

8). Money Collection Box, collection box to pay for the use of supplies, $40

9). Software brushes for Illustrator to make screen printing artwork.


Committee members are working on organizing the area and replenishing supplies. The new storage cabinet is being installed and supplies are being relocated to new spaces, ONGOING Asturd mentioned purchasing some supplies for intaglio, such as etching needles.

Astrud explained the $200 monthly Printmaking budget allowance to the committee.

Paul has the computer installed but is working on re-formatting the hard drive and will install a used video card.

Discussion of what software should be installed on lab computer, Adobe subscription will be installed through DMS. All members agree to purchase Illustrator brushes for creating woodcut and etching designs.

Paul made a suggestion that all members do some research of their favorite videos and tutorials. We would like to take a collection of videos and tutorials to list on our WIKI pages. Members will send an email list of videos to Lisa and the committee will review the videos before they are posted on the Printmaking Committee pages.

Paul mentioned as we are conducting our research on videos to be sure to only select videos that are introductory and simple. Keep the content geared towards beginner knowledge on the equipment. Later we can organize an advanced level of training, but not at first.

Discussion of teaching classes and who is available to teach. Tom Cochran offered to teach screen printing. Astrud recommended using the previous class events as notes for how the classes were taught previously. Paul and Astrud stressed how important it is to teach students how to properly clean up after working in Printmaking.

Tom Cochran suggest trying to get industry sponsorship to donate supplies for class.

Lisa Gabriel mentioned she is open to teaching digital color separation on the computer.

VOTE to purchase Money Dropbox for supply money collection:

- For: 7

- Against: 0

- Abstain: 0


Meeting adjourned 8:30pm