Printmaking Committee Meeting 20210325

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Meeting starts Thursday March 25 at 7:00 pm

Printmaking Chair: Lisa Gabriel

March meeting held virtual on Google Meets.

Virtual Attendees:

Paul Wilson

Darren Trizzino

Tom Cochan

Rose Smith

Physical Attendees:

Lisa Gabriel

Tim Black (Captain)

Old Business Updated:

The chair reviewed old business and the list below to determine if any changes have been made. Updates to list as noted below.

1). The computer that Paul Wilson donated is not going to work, there are still issues with the hardware and the computer will not start up.

Paul recommended the committee make a motion to vote on the purchase of a new computer to install in Printmaking.

Paul recommended we purchase a computer similar to what they have in the laser area, he showed us this computer at the link below, $500;jsessionid=0000Vu5x8SCjaiJA9qDLCtpL-RZ:17h4h78ta

° when we get the new computer DMS computer people will install Windows and Adobe CC

VOTE to purchase a new PC computer for printmaking:

- For: 6

- Against: 0

- Abstain: 0


2). Money Collection Box, collection box to pay for the use of supplies, PURCHASE COMPLETE

Paul will install box in Printmaking, lock box keys will go to Infrastructure/Finance.

3). Software brushes for Illustrator to make screen printing artwork,

We will hold off on purchasing brushes until we are sure Adobe CC can be installed on Printmaking computer.

4). The Chair requested DMS equipment labels from Infrastructure but was told the labels are not needed for cabinets.

Labels are only used for equipment that is worth over $400 or more.


The chair asked the committee if they wanted to accept a donation from a member (Jeff Whitcomb) of a fire safe cabinet to install in either printmaking or another area at DMS. The committee decided to accept the fire cabinet donation.

Tim Black talked about his attempt to create marbled paper. He worked with Katelyn Smith to create the marbled paper attempts. He presented their progress work to the committee. He says they would like to potentially create a paper marbling class some time in June.

Printmaking may need to purchase some supplies to teach marbled paper classes. Tim mentioned a seaweed material called Kappa Carrageenan and some trays.

Katelyn has left some trays in the printmaking area, either she has to donate them to printmaking or take them home to store. We do not have room to store the trays in printmaking.

The chair has asked Tim Black to relay to all people involved in paper marbling to keep the printmaking area clean and tidy up thoroughly when done.

Tim Black mentioned he needs some sort of press to flatten the paper after marbling. He talked about building a 2' x 2' press called a nipping press. Paul mentioned we might have a way to flatten paper with the vacuum table cart he is planning to build for printmaking.

Don't forget about the Graphic Pro Expo coming up in May 13-15, 2021. See link for more details. If you’re planning to go, bring a large bag for swag.

Lisa Gabriel ran (1) LetterPress Basics class in March and is planning to run another in April.

Lisa mentioned making keys for the cabinets to share access to certain cabinets with Tom Cochran. Tim Black showed Lisa the key maker at DMS.

Tom Cochran is planning to start preparing classes for Screen Printing. We are all waiting on getting the computer installed so we can move forward on class preparation. The Printmaking computer is the last step in being able to do the whole screen-printing process in-house.

Tom Cochran gave us a virtual tour of Shadow Fax Graphics and direct to garment printing. He showed us the projects he is working on and we were all impressed by their production facilities.

Meeting adjourned 8:30pm