Printmaking Committee Meeting 20210527

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Meeting starts Thursday May 27 at 7:00 pm

Printmaking Chair: Lisa Gabriel

May meeting held virtual on Google Meets.

Virtual Attendees:

Darren Trizzino

Physical Attendees:

Lisa Gabriel

Paul Wilson

Astrud Aguire

Mike Keller

Judy Kriehn

Russel Crow

Old Business Updated:

The chair reviewed old business and the list below to determine if any changes have been made. Updates to list as noted below.

1). The new printmaking computer has Windows installed and is up and running. The committee discussed different options for software needed to create artwork for screens and plates. Members were bouncing around the following options for software either Adobe CC or Affinity. The Affinity software was favorable because it it inexpensive and can be purchased for $25 free and clear without a subscription. A few test would need to be made to ensure Affinity can open .psd, .ai, .pdf and other file types needed. Adobe was not in favor due to the complexity of the subscription service and the DMS licenses available to install in our area, but it has not been completely ruled out.

2). Money Collection Box will be installed on the wall above the printer. Paul mentioned the hardware to hang the box might need replaced with some better quality heavy duty hardware so the box can't be ripped off the wall.

3). Software brushes for Illustrator to make screen printing artwork, This is still on hold until the committee decides on the software purchase for artwork creation, as mentioned above.

4). The chair needs to contact Jeff Whitcomb to accept the fire safe cabinet approved by the committee in the March meeting. I still need to do this.


The Epson printer is setup and running, Paul ran a test to show to the committee. This printer is exclusively designed for printmaking and prints black ink only. The printer does print colored ink and is configured with black ink cartridges. Resolution is 1200 dpi.

When the time comes and everything is operational, Astrud and Lisa both mentioned they will need training on the computer to create artwork for screen printing and letterpress plate making.

Lisa asked for a vote to approve money for the letterpress area. She is visiting a letterpress warehouse in Indianapolis and wants to purchase the following for the two letterpresses: reglet rack, art cuts, wood type and 10x15 chases for the Kluge.

VOTE to purchase $500 of letterpress equipment:

- For: 7

- Against: 0

- Abstain: 0


Astrud wants to start some intaglio classes and is looking into needles for intaglio. She is working on a supplies list for this area.

Printmaking will hold an open print lab on June 12 from 12 - 4 pm at DMS, Astrud will post on calendar.

Printmaking was thinking about designing a DMS vaccination T-shirt, more to come on this.

Astrud mentioned Printmaking needs platen brackets for the green screen print press, more to come on this.

Lite discussion about a possible steam roller event hosted at DMS, more to come on this.

The committee agreed to sponsor Liz and Sarina to teach art classes at the space. Paul is communicating with them on this, more to come on this.

Meeting adjourned 8:15pm