Printmaking Committee Meeting 20210624

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Meeting starts Thursday June 24 at 7:00 pm

Printmaking Chair: Lisa Gabriel

May meeting held virtual on Google Meets.

Virtual Attendees:

No virtual attendees in this meeting.

Physical Attendees:

Lisa Gabriel

Paul Wilson

Astrud Aguire

Tim Black

Old Business Updated:

The chair reviewed old business and the list below to determine if any changes have been made. Updates to list as noted below.

1). The printmaking computer is ready to have art and design software installed. Paul is working with IT to purchase the Affinity software and a packet of brushes for creating artwork.

VOTE to purchase Affinity Designer & Photo and Art Brushes for the printmaking computer:

- For: 4

- Against: 0

- Abstain: 0


2). Money Collection Box is installed in front of the new computer. Lisa is typing up the supply list of consumables we will charge for.

3). The chair needs to contact Jeff Whitcomb to accept the fire safe cabinet approved by the committee in the March meeting. I still need to do this.

4). Paul is troubleshooting Inkscape on the Epson printer, the orientation is not printing properly. He discovered that you will need to save out files from Inkscape to a PDF and print using Acrobat Reader to get the orientation to work properly.

5). Captain & Kate are planning to hold paper marbling classes in August, hopefully.

6). No July meeting will be held in Printmaking due to busy schedules and vacations of current members. Meetings will resume in August.


Discussion about honorarium led to the discovery that teachers can not donate class payment to printmaking department funds anymore. Classes can be taught for NO fee or teachers could request honorarium. Those are the only choices available now.

Lisa is running (2) sections of Letterpress Basics in July.

Captain is working with Kate and Astrud to purchase smaller trays so each student can have a tray for the paper marblings class. The tray Kate purchase is too big and it's black, which does not work for paper marbling because you can't see the color in the water. Kate will need to pick up the large tray and take them home. The large tray can not be store in printmaking, if it is not in use.

Astrud will pick up 9 x 12 trays for paper marbling at Target.

Paper preparation for marbling requires alum to be sprayed on the paper with a squirt bottle.

Russell Cross made a large letterpress ink donation to Printmaking.

Astrud and Paul need (2) new brackets for the green screen printing press. Lisa will order from DMS.

Astrud and Paul need (4) hinge clamps. Lisa will order from DMS.

Continued discussion about a possible steam roller event hosted at DMS, more to come on this.

Meeting adjourned 8:30pm