Printmaking Committee Meeting 20220514

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Meeting starts Saturday May 14, 2022 at 3:00 pm

Printmaking Chair: Lisa Gabriel

May meeting held virtual and F2F at Dallas Makerspace.

Virtual Attendees: none

Physical Attendees: Lisa Gabriel

Astrud Aguirre

Paul Wilson

John Fabryck

Mike Keller

Jay Sauder

Brad Traynham

Bailey Anderson

Darren Trizziono


New Business

Printmaking sink and live wires behind sink: Discussion about sink in the printmaking department. The sink is not hooked up correctly and needs looked at, there is a LIVE electrical fixture behind sink that needs covered up. Suggestion to add a face plate over the open hole to cover the live wires. A request was made to have the licensed electrician at DMS look at it and determine what needs done. Printmaking department removed the faucet fixture due to it getting in the way during cleaning screens.

Setup up Prerequisites: Prerequisites need to be setup in the system so people can get sign off as completed and can move on to the next screen printing classes. Astrud will send the Chair a list of what classes need to be prerequisite for what. The chair will contact Evan Lott in technology to input the prerequisite information.

Tote Bag Screen & Sew: Astrud wants to start a class for making screen designs to be printed on a handmade tote bag. The class will start with the student making the screen in Printmaking and then move to Sewing where they will sew the tote bag all in one class.

Dry Box Restoration: Paul proposed renovating the dry box used for drying screen emulsions. He proposed the project would cost $200 and a vote was taken to provide the funds needed to complete the project.

VOTE to provide the funds of $200 for Dry Box Restoration:

- For: 6

- Against: 0

- Abstain: 2

Vote PASSES, Printmaking will provide the funds in the sum of $200 to purchase what is necessary to restore the dry box.

Kluge Restoration: Lisa is working with Author Lara to restore the Kluge to running order. We are working on getting the rollers sent out to have them replaced. I'm having trouble getting a hold of Author and he has the rollers, he was going to send them out but got too busy. Will try to reach out the Russell Crow for help with getting a hold of Aurthor.

Meeting adjourned 4:00pm