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Classrooms Guide

There are six general usage "classrooms" available for members to schedule at Dallas Makerspace. Most have some type of electronic projection capability, documented at this link on the Classrooms page. Select the room that is most appropriate for your class.

The Wet Classroom is planned for a future sink, but it is not yet installed. The Wet Classroom has no electronic projection.

Per the fire code, the max capacity for each of our classrooms is 49 persons (no classroom has more than one usable exit).

Classroom Square Feet Person Capacity Default set-up Layout can be
changed by host
Suitable for
messy projects
Lobby Classroom 640 49 w/ chairs only, ~30? @ tables Narrow Tables Yes No
North Conference Room 162 6 - 8 Conference table No No
Wet Classroom 522 16 - 18 ? None Yes Yes
Purple 340 8 - 12 Tables Yes Yes
Lecture Hall 535 ~ 30 w/ chairs only Narrow Tables Yes No
Interactive 833 49 chairs; ~30 @ tables Tables Yes Yes

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In addition, you may be able to use a specific workshop or studio if your class is related to that committee. As a courtesy, if your class will tie up the space for more than a couple hours you should clear that usage with the committee chair before scheduling the class.