Sandblasting Cabinet

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This device is more correctly called a "media blasting cabinet". DO NOT use SAND in it. Sand does wicked nasty things to lungs. Otherwise, please read on.

Very simple instructions

There is a box of N95 respirator masks on the table to the left where the grinding wheel is located - You really should wear one. Do not direct the blast nozzle at the viewing window as it will abrade the window making it harder to see inside.

  1. Flip the switch on the left-hand side to turn on the light and dust collector
    1. If the gloves are not "sucked in" the dust extractor is not working right. DO NOT USE until corrected!
    2. Check for full dust extractor, empty if necessary, reassemble & recheck
    3. Check for other air leaks/seals/problems. The only air inlet should be from the vent in the left side of the cabinet
  2. Open the door on the cabinet (there are doors left, right, and the viewing window (top))
  3. Put your project in the cabinet and latch the doors.
  4. Step on the peddle and the sandmedia hopefully comes out of the nozzle.


If the blast media (sand) does not come out, try putting your finger over the nozzle (do it inside the cabinet with your arms in the gloves) and stepping on the peddle to blow air back through the line and unclog it. If you are still not getting any satisfaction, make sure there is enough media in the hopper. There are 50 pound bags full of black grit stacked beside the machine and you might ask for help in pouring the medium in. It does NOT need to be full, i.e. the entire bag does not need to go in, etc.

External Links

The manual: File:ALC 40411 Blast Cabinet Owners Manual.pdf