SawStop ICS73230-52

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This is a placeholder for the SawStop cabinet saw. The manual can be found here:
It has a 4" dust port on the cabinet, requiring at least 350 cfm (at the port!).

Replacement parts

Replacement Brake Cartridge: TSBC-10R2
Available at Rockler locally, or SawStop

False triggers

The SawStop is intended to prevent injuries by stopping the blade when anything conductive (like fingers) touches the blade before it has completely stopped spinning. The brake will engage when anything conductive touches the blade while the blade is spinning. When the brake engages it destroys the blade and the cartridge, both of which must be replaced before the saw can be used again.

A common error is not allowing the blade to come to a complete stop before getting near it with a ruler or other tool.

If you have triggered the SawStop, please report it on Talk via Issues & Requests. The contribution amount for tripping the SawStop via a false trigger is $100. You can use the QR code located by the sanding station or drop cash in the contribution box in the Woodshop.

The following items are known to trigger the SawStop. There may be other items that we have not yet discovered:

  • Charred wood - from fire, laser, etc ...
  • Laser-cut wood (see above)
  • Chemically treated lumber / pressure-treated wood
  • Wet lumber
  • Green wood
  • Wet paint or wet glue
  • Foil-laminated or metal-leafed wood (like some picture frames)
  • Metal shards (staples, etc…)
  • Cardboard corner guards (usually contain recycled metal fragments)
  • Any metal in proximity to the blade .... the saw sled, rulers, squares, etc.
  • Graphite cloth
  • Anti-static Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene (contains carbon particles to make it anti-static)

Using a dado (or other thick) blade requires a different brake cartridge or else it will trigger the stop. Do not perform this cartridge change unless you are specifically trained and authorized to do this. Remember to restore the saw to a regular thickness blade and cartridge.