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Biomedical Subcommittee Meeting 20150924

Time, location

20:30(8:30PM), Dallas Makerspace, Science area


Dallas Makerspace, Science Committee, Biomedical Subcommittee Meeting notes ; Sept 24, 2015

In attendance

 Joel Gray
 Scott Renkes
 Chad Bonner
 David Steele
 David Ratcliff
 Daryll Dade
 Joe Tomrclr
 James Jones

Meeting started at 8:30PM

Discussion of current Biomedical projects

Prosthetics project.
Neuro-electric interfacing; future goals and approaches

Approaches to neuro-electric interfacing

Magnetic pickup - To be discussed by Oz
- Involves a planar imaging of nerve bundle
Mirror - To be discussed by Oz
Behavioral decomposition
- Apps
- Control
- Sense
- Process

Experimental methods in neuro-electric interfacing

Patch clamp
Bed of nails, micro-machined chips as probe array for Brain
Neuronal tissue culture
- Olfactory
- Celegenes?
Pre-clinical approaches
- Create ethics review board?

Research Topic areas in neuro-electric interfacing

Self-assembling monolayer(SAM)

Meeting ended at 11:17PM