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From Talk thread here:


How to design, build, and test, small liquid-fuel rocket engines


Learn Chemistry Royal Society Chemistry
Practical Flow Cytometry, 4th Ed. by Howard M. Shapiro
The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments, by Robert Brent, Link1

General Science references

Scientific American, The Amateur Scientist series
Molecular Movies


An Unusual kind Of Gas Laser That Puts Out Pulses In Ultraviolet by C.L. Strong

Vacuum Technology

Online magazine series: The Bell Jar - Vacuum Technique & Related Topics for the Amateur Investigator

High Voltage

High Voltage Safety Manual
Safety guidelines for high voltage and/or linepowered equipment
Make Your Own High-Voltage Capacitors


Practical Flow Cytometry, 4th Ed. by Howard M. Shapiro

Protein Extraction

How to isolate proteins by Manju Kapoor
Protocols and tips in protein purification by S.E.Sedelnikova
Protein Purification Facility
Handbooks on Specialized Techniques of Protein Purification

Protein Extraction Simple Experiments

High School Science Activity: Chromatography Experiment
Chromatographic separation of Food Coloring
K-12 Chromatography Experiments
Chromatographic Separation of Methylene Blue and Sodium Fluorescein