Science Committee Meeting20150919

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Science Committee Meeting 20150919, 4:00PM

Time, location

16:00(4:00PM), Dallas Makerspace


Dallas Makerspace Science Committee Meeting notes ; September 19, 2015

In attendance: (11 attendees)
  Richard Alexander
  Joel-Anthony Gray "JAGMAN"
  David Kessinger "Photomancer"
  David Ratcliff
  Allen Wan
  Andrew Macha
  Cairenn Day "Cairenn"
  Edward Graef
  Mitch Cerroni, 
  Ben Leal, "awesomer"
  Daryll Dade, "Deezler"
  Bill Gee

Meeting started 4:27PM

***Prior Minutes***
-Prior minutes passed

*** Financial Statement ***

***Lab manager report***
    Daryll:  Need mice, keyboards, cords, VGA cables.  
    Richard:  Such purchases Ok'd
    Daryll:  Computer table with prosthesis has unstable legs, needs to be fixed.  

*** Consent Agenda***
All items discussed as new business

***Agenda (posted by chairman at meeting)***
  Complete N2 laser
  Clean & setup Spirulina
    Storage Shelves
    Available volume 8X3X5
    Sell syrup dispensers
    Optics bench
    Yogurt maker
    Thermal camera 
      Two ways to obtain camera:  (1) Finance thru fund raisers, donations
                                  (2) write curriculum
      City of Carrollton
      3rd party waste disposal
    3D printer
      -use nylon as printing material
      -use paper as printing material
      -use SLA as printing material
    Desktop laser cutter
    Reference library
    Open source computer lab
    High altitude rocketry
    Telescope making
    Genetic kits
    Ultra-high voltage power supply
    Particle Accelerator
    Machine vision
    Chem lab
    Health lab
  Proposed classes/meetings
    3D arm
    N2 laser
    Laser theory
    Optics theory
    Data networking
    Planetary science

    Cairenn:  Anodizer - current discussion on anodizer is for equipment much bigger than the original proposal.
    Richard:  Any anodizing will have to be permitted by city "because of who we are"
              Permit is $400/year
              Also there are two regulations which apply.  
    Cairenn:  TSP (Tri-sodium phosphate) anodizing system can be run at home without permits.
    Richard:  Suggested a class on making your own anodizer that members can then take home.

    Daryl:  Waiting for laser cutter to come up to make acrylic sign.  
    Andrew:  Will coordinate with Daryll to make a painted sign.  

Thermal imaging
    FLIR sells cameras from $150 to $3000 
    Thermography can be used for:  Electronic component testing, pipe blockage, checking thermal insulation, water leaks.
    Richard:  Talked to FLIR salesman, two options to obtain a camera:
              (1)  Submit 2 lesson plans, to be downloadable from FLIR website, with emphasis on usefulness to homeowner, and can be useful as marketing tool.  Lesson plans should relate to C-2 camera.
              (2)  Teach classes to raise funds, accept donations, get matching funds from BOD
                   A professional thermographer has offered to teach classes at DMS.  
    David K.:  Will take lead in writing curriculum.
    Edward:    Will check with his company to see if he can assist.  

    Andrew:  Blogging about laser will increase visibility and popularity.  
             Will start posting pictures, and writing about it.  

    Motion:  "Make Science committee (1) a Benevolent dictatorship, or (2) run by consensus"
    After discussion, vote taken by show of hands with unanimous vote in favor of Science committee run as Benevolent  dictatorship

Meeting adjourned at approximately 7:30PM
Announcement by Allen:  Tour of Off-site storage right after committee meeting.