Science Committee Meeting20161904

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Science build: Each Project should have: Bill of Materials (BoM); Safety Procedures; Class Curricullum

Food Science Goal: Increase Classes for the summer for canning; pickling Personel: Chuck;David;Brian

NEIWG In-Progress: In the process of building a new hand; Data Collection; Testing Neural Networks Personel: Chad;Oguz;Scott;Brian;William;Azzy;Ebony

Chem Lab In-Progress: Reviewing safety regulations; Determining Equipment; Retrieving Donated Glassware and tools Goal: Portable Fume Hood that will be used outside Personel: Eric;Ebony

Bio Lab In-Progress: On hold until goals are definitive Personel: Ashley;Eric

Raman Build In-Progress: Waiting on Optics expert and tools to help with project; BoM Goal: Spectrometer that will be used for not only Science but other committee uses Personel: Brian;Eric

Aquaponics In-Progress: Status of Aquaponics is unknown; If future classes are not established, aquaponics may need to have a makeover

Atomic Energy Goal: Teaching classes on Atomic Energy Personel: C.D. Carson

Brew Goal: Continue and expand Brewing classes Personel: James; Brian

Freeze Dryer In-Progress:Almost up to par, testing food (3lbs shredded chicken, 1/2lb diced ham, 1/2lb roast beef, 1lb slider 1lb slider patties). According to Matt "The freeze dryer got down to 200 mTorr last night (that is 0.0039 psi)." Personel: Matt;Stan;Chuck

Science Repository: Goal: Document project builds,classes,video,inventory. Access to edit link located in Google Hangout Chat.

Fundraiser Ideas for Science: Make t-shirts;mugs for Beer Brew and Freeze Dryer