Science Committee Meeting 2019 May 19

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Attendance: Tommy Thomas Eric Brunner David Ratcliff Kobin Caddick Adair Claycomb Jerry Ethridge Chris Williams Kevin Patel Clay Bell Josh Melnick Michael X Unknown X Rob Virkus

Vote for chair Josh Melnick

Yes 13 No 0

Kobin agreed to vice chair

David Ratcliff Lab Manager

Financial -Kobin

Moving into lab -David

Purchased tables, shelves, cabinets, 

Proud of purchase of tables $50 each, David deserves standing ovation for having to sit next to me for nearly 6 hours in a car Purchased chemical cabinent $580

Electrical drops

Need to purchase dish washing machine, refrigerator

Acid Cabinent $200

Vote for corrosives cabinet Yes 13 No 0

(Josh will teach enough classes to purchase this) Proposed purchase of pizza warmer for incubator shaker

Yes No 11 0

Autoclave -adair

Proposal to limit committee to 3 projects at a time to ensure completion

YinMn Blue YBCO superconductor Fusor

Cancellation of tech talk with CEO Rescheduled for Aug 18