Server Room

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This room is denoted as room 17 on the Monetary#104 floorplan. It houses most of the network infrastructure for the Dallas Makerspace.


  • Network equipment (see Network)
    • 3x 48-port Cat5e patch panel
    • 2x Dell PowerEdge 1U servers - running ProxMox (clustered)
    • SuperMicro 512F 1U-hd server - running ProxMox (clustered)
    • SuperMicro SuperStorage 4U - running FreeNAS for ProxMox cluster files
    • Member file server tower
    • BlueIris server tower
    • APC UPS SUA3000RMXL3U - running servers, switches
    • APC UPS SU1400RM2U - running access control
  • Access Control
  • Administrative filing cabinet
  • Supplies
    • Paper
    • Printer Toner


This is a room that demands higher security, and as such, only a handful of members are permitted access. The access list is not posted, for security reasons. To gain access:

  1. Come up with a valid business reason that access is needed.
  2. Email the business reason to Andrew LeCody and Brooks Scharff, requesting approval.
  3. Once approval is received, Brooks will grant access within 48 hours.