Sewing SIG meeting 20200204

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When and Where

2020-02-04 07:00 pm, Creative Arts Committee Area


Judy Kriehn, SIG Leader
Cindy Holkan
Amelia Young
John Gorman
Utopia Weiner


1. Repair/service decisions on the machine fleet

Sponsor: Judy Kriehn

Problem or Opportunity: Our machine fleet is in various states of usability.

Solution / Cost: I have a guy who does “house call” servicing. His pricing would be as follows: o ZEST or Magnolia machines, Pfaff (basic sewing machines) $50/each o Embroidery machines $75/each o Industrial machines $75/each no mileage charges

Discussion: John noted that having someone willing to come to the space would save volunteer time/effort; not having to dismantle the large machines to take in, not having to make special trips to deliver to repair shop or pickup when finished.

Motion made to make arrangements to have the Consew and Pfaff completely serviced, and see if a cursory examination can be made on the six ZEST machines to determine state of wear/tear.

Motion made by Cindy Holkan, seconded by Amelia Young;
5 for
0 against
0 abstain
passed unanimously

2. Acquire small vacuum for sewing room cleanup

Sponsor: Cindy Holkan

Problem or Opportunity: Cutting fabric and trimming threads creates a lot of small detritus that tends to just stick to a broom, rather than be easily placed in trash receptacle.

Solution / Cost: acquire something like a dust buster

Discussion: John suggested a bucket vac from Home Depot (similar to a shop vac; fits onto a paint bucket).

Motion made to request funds to purchase a small vac - cost not to exceed $50.

Motion made by John Gorman, seconded by Cindy Holkan;
5 for
0 opposed
0 abstain
passed unanimously

Discussion Agenda

Change/Edit name of SIG

Should we expand the name of the SIG to include quilting (Example: Sewing/Quilting SIG)? • It's not clear whether people easily make the connection between general sewing and quilt making in general. There seems to be an interest in learning the process of making quilts, yet interest in the Quiltpocalypse events has remained low.

Discussion indicated need to gather more input from members and other interested parties. Will post on TALK.

Talk about the quantity of fabric vs. the space available - finding a balance

Should we expand the name of the SIG to include quilting (Example: Sewing/Quilting SIG)? • The cabinet full of fabric IS NOT OURS. It was supposed to be a second teacher cabinet. I have a problem with us becoming a place for other people’s stuff coming to die and never be used.

Post on photo TALK, encourage pillaging/pare down. Will post on TALK

Dressmaker dummies

• The plus-size one is broken. Given that a majority of the members who use the sewing room are in this size group vs. the size zero mannequin.

Ask Kris Anderson to give repair a shot. If she can’t, we’ll revisit the topic to discuss purchasing a replacement.

Cutting table

• is the ping-pong table really the best solution? Do we want/need both halves?

General feeling is that just half would be sufficient. Cindy would like taller/adjustable height table. No firm decision made.

Gingher (dressmaker shears>

• We have a LOT of Gingher scissors (actual dressmaking shears) in the teacher cabinet. These are much better scissors for cutting fabric than the random assortment of cheaper Fiskars in the sewing room, that look just like the ones in the rest of CA.

Place two pairs out and keep an eyeball on them, to see what kind of abuse they get subjected to. All agreed that decent scissors available would be better for sewing room users.

Brainstorm ideas for classes that are within our collective capabilities.

• Canvas/heavyweight fabric or leather sewing on Pfaff class/demo
• Smallish drawstring bags 6x8 square, dimensional 5x5x10 (suggested by john – could be used for game pieces, etc.)
• Free-motion embroidery (requested by Utopia)
• Machine embroidery (ask Chris Marlow and Amanda Reznicek to get a class or two on the schedule)


Action Items

Table for tracking actions from the Actionable or Discussion Agenda, to be maintained as actions are completed

Status Item Description Responsible Party
will be placed on CA committee agenda for approval have Consew, Pfaff, and possibly ZEST machines serviced] Judy
will be placed on CA committee agenda for approval Acquire a small vacuum] Judy