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DMS has a model 5400 vertical mill, accessory package A, with factory-installed Digital ReadOut (DRO).


Sherline 5400DRO.jpg
SHERLINE 5400 Mill with DRO


  • (list operating restrictions here - no wood, etc.)
  • Return the mill to the condition in which you found it ...


Basic Mill Product Description
Accessory Package A Description
Standard dimensions of Sherline tools

Spec Model 5400 Mill
Max clearance (table to spindle) 8.00″ (203 mm)
Throat (no spacer) Optional
Throat (w/ headstock spacer) Adjustable
Travel, “X” Axis 8.65″ (220 mm)
Travel, “Y” Axis 5.00″ (127 mm)
Travel, “Z” Axis 6.25″ (159 mm)
Hole through spindle .405″ (10 mm)
Spindle nose thread 3/4″-16 T.P.I.
Spindle nose taper #1 Morse
Handwheel graduations .001″
Width Overall 15.00″ (381 mm)
Depth Overall 14.00″ (356 mm)
Height Overall (Max.) 20.75″ (527 mm)
Table size 2.75″ x 13.00″ (70 x330 mm)
Hold-down provision 2 T-Slots
Spindle Speed Range 70-2800 RPM
Movements in addition to X-, Y- and Z-axes
Headstock rotation (90° left/right)
Column rotation (90° left/right)
Column pivot (90° forward/back)
Column swing (90° left/right)
Column travel (in/out) 5.5″ (140 mm)


Sherline MicroTools

Sherline microtools manual including 5400 mill
Sherline Accessories Guide
Sherline Accessories Help Sheets and Instructions
Sherline 5400 Mill exploded parts diagram

Tutorials and Learning

Video tutorials: An excellent set of Sherline-specific mill tutorials on the MiniMachining channel of YouTube
Mill tooling: The learning center at The Little Machine Shop has good descriptions of all of the various types of lathe workholding and tooling and what they are used for. While it intended as a cross-reference to the products they sell, it also explains what these things are used for.


Chuck-to-T-slot adapter for Sherline mill. 3/4-16 threaded adapter with T-head. Used for mounting Sherline chucks into T-slots.
Picture Accessory Specifications Links
Work Holding
Sherline 3551.jpg Vise Model 3551 Machinist Vise
Jaws 2" wide x 1" deep x 2" opening
Horizontal and vertical V-groove
Sherline 7506.jpg Parallels Model 7506 Machinist Parallels
2-1/2" long x 1/16"thick
Five pairs in heights of
1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″
Sherline 3012.jpg Hold-down set Model 3012 Hold-down set Description
Sherline 3013.jpg Hold-down set Model 3013 Step Block Hold-down set Description
Sherline 3058.jpg Chuck hold-down Model 3058 4-jaw Chuck Hold-down Description
Sherline 3570.jpg Rotating Vise Base Model 3570 Description
Sherline 3700.jpg Rotary Table Model 3700 4" Rotary table Description
Videos (see tab on Description page
Sherline 3725.jpg Tooling Plate for Rotary Table Model 3725 5" dia plate Description
Sherline 3701.jpg Right angle attachment Model 3701 right angle attachment
to hold rotary table vertically
Sherline 3750.jpg Tilting angle table Model 3750 0-90 degree tilt table
for holding vise or rotary table
with removable threaded chuck mount
Sherline 1187.jpg Chuck to T-slot adapter Model 1187 - 3/4-16" adapter for
mounting Sherline chuck to T-slots
Cutter Holding
Sherline 3072.jpg Drill Chuck Model 3072 1/4" Jacobs drill chuck Description
Sherline 3054.jpg Boring Head Model 3054 3/8" diameter boring bars
Holes up to 1.75" dia
Boring Tools
Sherline 3061.jpg Boring bars Model 3061 - Starting hole 0.25", Max depth 0.5"
Model 3063 - Starting hole 5/16", Max depth 1"
Model 3064 - Starting hole 5/16", Max depth 1.5"
Specialty Accessories
Sherline 1297.jpg Headstock Spacer block Model 1297 Description