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YBCO Super conductors:

We are attempting to make YBCO (yttrium-barium-copper-oxide - YBa2Cu3O7) Superconductors in the Science Committee at DMS.

Comprised of the following chemicals in a 1-2-3 ratio:

  • Yttrium Oxide
  • Copper (Cupric) Oxide
  • Barium Carbonate (TOXIC)


  • Furnace capable of 1000 Degrees Celsius
  • Alumina Crucible
  • Oxygen source


  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Rare-earth magnets

There are two primary methods for making YBCO: the "Shake and Bake" method and the Pyrolysis method. We are first attempting the Shake and Bake method.

Papers on making YBCO:

Making your own Superconductors

Synthesis of high temperature superconductor using citrate pyrolysis and observing the Meissner effect

Production of YBCO Superconductor Sample by Powder-In-Tube Method (PITM); and Effect of Cd and Ga Doping on the System

Preparation of YBa2Cu3)7 by citrate synthesis and pyrolysis

A Teachers Guide to Superconductivity for High School Students

Multiseeded melt growth of bulk Y–Ba–Cu–O using thin film seeds

Buffer Pellets for High-Yield, Top-Seeded Melt Growth of Large Grain Y−Ba−Cu−O Superconductors

Furnace PID controller manual

Team Members:

Ken Purcell @lampy on talk

Jerry Etheridge

Josh Melnick @Josh_Melnick