Tormach-8L Lathe

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Tormach 8L CNC lathe


Carriage Length x Width 7.25 in x 4 in Spindle Power 1.5 hp
Machine Footprint 50 in x 26 in Spindle Speed Two spindle ranges with speeds
from 180 to 5,000 rpm
Typical System Weight
incl. optional stand
838 lbs Through Spindle Bore 1 in
Maximum Swing Over Bed 8 in Maximum Workpiece Length 10 in with tailstock
Maximum Swing Over Carriage 4 in Maximum Stock Over Bed 8 in
Max System Height with Door Open
(mounted on optional stand)
66 in Maximum Stock Over Carriage 4 in
Overall System Height 52 in Spindle Nose 5C
Taper MT2 X- and Z- Axis Maximum Feed Rate 150 ipm
Diameter 0.9 in Axis Drivers (X, Z) High-Performance Polyphase Stepper Motors
Travel 2.2 in with Leadshine Microstepping Drivers
X-Axis 4.5 in Power Requirements Single phase 115 VAc,
50/60 Hz, 15A breaker
Z-Axis 10 in with tailstock


  • 4" four jaw chuck with 5C mount
  • OXA quick change tool post and tool holders
  • Post mount Knurling tool.

Getting Started


To get started learning:

  • Use a virtual instance of the PathPilot controller software
    • Create an account on PathPilot Hub
    • Connect to a virtual instance to begin learning to control a virtual lathe

DRO Settings

This is taken from the Facing section of the guide:

Tool Initial X DRO Field Final X Description
Rear Positive Positive The tool works on the positive
X side of the spindle center
(the side away from you)
Front Negative Negative The tool works on the negative
X side of the spindle center
(the side closest to you)

Optional Post-Processor

If you do not choose to use the PathPilot conversational programming, you can CAM your part and post-process. The Fusion 360 post-processor for the 8L is on the Machine Shop committee drive, in the Training folder. You can also look for updates at this link, and search for 8L.

Note that the 15L post-processor will not work because the 8L post has the default X axis direction reversed from that of the 15L