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I know a lot about a few things and a little about a lot of things...

What brought me here

  • 3D printers.
  • Laser cutters.
  • Wood shop.
  • Electronics lab.
  • Metal shop.
  • Vacuum former.

What I bring

  • I am a member and the current secretary of the Dallas Area Rocket Society. There are opportunities for cross-pollination between organizations.
  • I program personal computers and microcontrollers.
  • I collect old computers.
  • Though long inactive, I am a licensed amateur radio operator - KB5SEQ, Tech + HF.
  • I used to geocache. Ask me about puzzles and container camouflage.
  • I used to compete in car rallyes, time-speed-distance as well as gimmick.

Some upcoming projects

  • Embroider a DMS logo shop apron.
  • Complete a 3-pad model rocket launch rack.
  • Recondition a high power launch pad.
  • Become skilled at using laser cutters, 3D printers and the wood lathe.
  • Rewrite my FORTH intepreter for the XGameStation AVR to work on an Arduino UNO.
  • Create a simulator and debugger for Arduino.
  • Learn LINUX programming.
  • Port my emulator technology onto the Raspberry Pi.
  • Build a model car lighting controller.
  • Create a Turbo Debugger equivalent for Free Pascal.
  • Create a Turbo Profiler equivalent for Free Pascal.
  • Improve code generation for Free Pascal.
  • Test and refurbish my vintage computer collection.
  • Build a USB external floppy drive interface for reading and writing vintage diskette formats.
  • Explore OBDII interface (build TSD rallye computer?).
  • Develop an onboard video camera for a rocket - automatically starts recording several seconds before launch and stops on landing.
  • Complete and flight test my design for a parallel staging rocket (think Delta IV Heavy or Titan III).
  • Build a DAR (digital audio recorder) - like a DVR, but for radio.
  • Learn to fly a traditional (as opposed to quadcopter or drone) R/C model aircraft.
  • Learn how to convert stick-built model airplane kits (either rubber or glow powered) for R/C and electric power.