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Me at DMS.jpg

Justin Edwards, KE5BUD

If you need to reach me you can message me on Dallas Makerspace Talk or email me at [email protected].


  • Current-Anything Aerospace, Amateur Radio, Automotive Anything, Aviation, Camping, Electronics, Emergency Operations, Engineering, Four Wheeling, Meteorology, Metal Work, Motorcycles and other such powersports, Science, Search and Rescue, 3D printing, Wood Work, Sewing, Painting, Drawing
  • Future-Laser, Clay, More Machining Practice, Vinyl, T Shirt Screening, Powder Coating, More Embroidery Digitizing, Scuba Diving.

Current Projects

  • Rebuild/Refurbish my 1988 Chevrolet Suburban V10 4x4 in entirety(ongoing)
  • Restore my 1979 Winnebago Brave

Future Projects

  • Prepare my 88 Suburban 4X4 for being flat towed behind the above Winnebago
  • Build Console for truck
  • Install amateur radio equipment into my truck
  • Install better seats in front row of my truck
  • Buy and convert a school bus into a motorhome/tiny home

Contact Info

Facebook(must be signed in),Google Hangouts or Email([email protected]),DMS Talk, Discord ke5bud, LinkedIn,

Completed Projects

  • Mount Ranch Hand bumper on rear of truck after modifying mounts
  • Cleaned up rust spots and sealed them with primer on my 88 Suburban
  • Converted the new unisex bathroom into another mens room per the expansion committee
  • Install a camera over the auto toolbox
  • Install a camera in the conference room
  • Made an extension for an additional floor AC unit using scrap wood and the wood shop
  • Installed the commons area tv on the wall after installing the wall mount kit
Commons Area TV.jpeg
  • Installed the automotive areas computer, I donated the mount from my personal stash of hardware in storage
Automotive Computer.jpeg
  • Converted the front women's restroom into a unisex bathroom
Unisex Bathroom Door.jpeg
Front Unisex Bathroom Lock.jpeg
Front Unisex Bathroom.jpeg
  • Modified an existing plastic floor AC exhaust bracket to work for my second AC unit
  • Installed new door speakers and a new head unit in my shared use Miata race car project after removing the Bose stock amplified setup and an amateur radio head unit mount in place of half of the old stock stereo mount
New Head Unit and Amateur Radio head unit.jpeg
Miata Door Speaker Installed.jpeg
  • Amateur Radio Station Camera Install
  • Amateur Radio Station Desktop Computer Purchased and Installed
New Desktop and Monitor installed and running well
  • Rebuild Carburetor on truck, Quadrajet
  • Repair frame of truck under steering gearbox, unexpected repair
Cleaned frame after welding and grinding
Frame reinforcement patch installed
  • Repair power steering gearbox and swap power steering pump
  • Replace ball joints on truck
  • Finish building 3D Fab tables(with Alex Rhodes)
5803c363ad 690x388.jpg
3D Fab Tables.jpg
3D Fab 2.jpg
  • Set up Amateur Radio Station helping Whiz(KI5L) who did most of the work
Amateur Radio Station.jpg
Antenna Clsoe up.jpg
Antenna Wide.jpg
  • Design and Make a basic challenge coin rack
My first Project.jpg