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john a. gorman

Maker Interests

  • Microcontrollers - working on the Arduino at the moment.
So far the Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets is an excellent tutorial and mucho fun. 2012.12.30
  • Electronics - totally new to this
  • Wood working
  • Wood turning
  • 3D Printing
  • Laser CNC


1. Light Boxes, such as used in graphic arts for a lighted backdrop. Also used for kids with vision issues.

Light Box with white LED strips

Made one with white LED strips. Building another with RGB strips. Focus is on how children with vision issues respond to different backgrounds. Secondary interest is lightness, portability, and style.

2. Multi-touch computer (with William Petefish and Karl Mohler)

3. Electric BeyBlade Launcher (with Romeo Espana & Lisa Selk). This is the second prototype. The idea is to help kids with physical disabilities play.

Motorized Beyblade Launcher - 2nd Prototype
You can see it in action here:

4. Breathe Sensor Creating a sensor to gauge and log breath strength for Speech Language Pathologists and their clients. Using gamification to encourage participation and improvement.

5. Laser cut items. I have been making keychains lately. Made some for the Ingress game players, and some to promote the Dallas MakerSpace at the Perot & Tyler MakerFaire.

6. Furniture nesting table to hold my son's game system. Looking at shelving and a desk now.


Contact info:

[email protected]
214.799.0299 mobile