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About Zach

Hello fellow hackers[1], I'm Zach. I joined DMS in July (2014), and I'm currently involved in the following areas:

 * Machine Shop
 * Metal Shop
 * Amateur Radio SIG (part of Electronics)

A short, woefully incomplete list of my interests:

 * Computers (FreeBSD, Mac OS, DOS, CP/M, etc.)
 * Electronic projects of all kinds
 * Amateur radio (N0ZGO)
 * General aviation (PP-SEL, Instrument rated)
 * Welding/metalworking (Everlast PowerTIG 255EXT is my current toy)

I'm a proponent of open source, and I try to give back to the community with patches and donations when possible. I'm a fairly competent C programmer, so, if you've got a question, ask away!

I currently work for Maxim Integrated Products, more can be found at here

If you'd like to contact me, you can find me on the freenode irc servers as __sbrk.

Class materials

File:NUCLEO-F401RE Schematic.pdf
File:DM00031020-STM32F4 ReferenceManual.pdf
File:DM00046982STM32F3+4 ProgrammingManual.pdf
File:DM00102166-STM32401F Datasheet.pdf

Metalworking (Mill/Lathe) Resources

CAD (design) software:

 * OpenSCAD (Thanks, Rick!)
 * FreeCAD

CAM (implementation) software:

 * PyCAM -- haven't used, but have heard good things
 * OpenSCAM looks very useful for simulation of your program