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Currently this page has stale data 06/01/2021


The Dallas Makerspace Phone system is now hosted in the cloud in an instance of 3CX.


by the Infrastructure_Committee

VoIP Server

3CX Cloud Hosted



More than 75 VoIP phones were donated to the Dallas Makerspace from an upgrade of a local call center. Most of the phones were in very good shape.

The Siemens OpenStage 40 VoIP SIP Phones have a built in two port Ethernet switch and can be powered with PoE or a standalone 48v power supply. They have a nice LCD display and 6 programmable buttons. The LCD can display a 144x32 pixel b&w .bmp logo.

OpenStage 40 Wiki



Snom PA1 - Public announcement system




Ubuntu 14.04 LTS "Trusty Tahr" Minimal CD ISO

Incredible PBX

Nerd Vittles

Software Setup


All account information and passwords are stored in the Admin Wiki.


The following extensions have been provisioned, but not all the phones have been installed.



Hardware Setup DEPRECATED

Siemens OpenStage 40

Factory Reset

  • Hold down 2 8 and 9 keys
  • Enter 124816 as the reset password
  • Hit OK, wait 5 minutes for reset and reboot

Find IP Address

  • Press the Menu button
  • Choose Settings, User
  • Choose Network Info, IPv4 address
  • Web Browse to HTTPS:\\<IP ADDR>

Set User Password

  • Set User Password as defined in Admin Wiki

Set Locality to US

  • Set Country to US
  • Set Language to English (US)
  • Set Date format to MM/DD/YY
  • Set Time format to 12 hour

Set Admin Password

  • Login to Admin tab, default password: 123456
  • Choose Security and Policies, Password, Change Admin Password
  • Set Admin Password as defined in Admin Wiki

Setup Automatic Date and Time

  • Choose Date and Time
  • Timezone offset -6
  • Daylight Savings check box checked
  • Click Submit
  • Auto time change check box checked
  • DST Zone United States
  • Click Submit

Set Phone Extension

  • Choose System, System Identity
  • Set Terminal Number to 1000 <Extension number>
  • Set Display identity to Lounge <Extension name>
  • Enable ID check box checked
  • Set Web name to DMSVoice-Lounge <Extension name>
  • Set DNS name construction to Web name

Server Registration

  • Set all 3 SIP Addresses to
  • Set User ID to 1000 <Extension number>
  • Set Password to <Phone Password from Admin Wiki>

One Button Dialing (Speed Dial Buttons)

  • Choose System, Features, Program keys
  • Select "Selected dialing" for the key
  • Enter Key label
  • Enter Dial number

Adding Logo to LCD Display

  • Logo file must be:
    • Monochrome BMP
    • 144 pixels wide x 32 pixels tall
  • FTP to the phone:
    • Start your FTP Server (I use babyftp)
    • Choose File Transfer, Logo
    • Set FTP Server address to your FTP server
    • Set FTP account to Anonymous
    • Set FTP username to Anonymous
    • Set FTP password to Anonymous
    • Set Filename to DMSPhoneLogo.bmp
    • Set After submit to Start Download
    • Click Submit