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This page is currently under construction.

The Wide Format Printer Special Interest group is for DMS members who are interested in helping with the Wide Format Printer.

The Wide Format Printer SIG is currently housed under the Creative Arts committee.

Wide Format Printer SIG Goals

  1. Determine the best wide format printer to suit the budget and variety of wants and needs at DMS.
  2. Determine the maintenance schedule and costs associated with the chosen wide format printer, and develop a plan to ensure that it is properly maintained.
  3. Development of classes for proper use of the wide format printer.
  4. Determine what consumables will be stocked at DMS and pricing structure for the consumables.

How to Join

The Wide Format Printer SIG is open to all DMS members, from novice to expert. Please add your name in alphabetical order to this Wiki and include your TALK handle.


  1. SIG Leader Paul Wilson (@Hardsuit on TALK)
  2. Mike Collier (@Sk8nmike)
  3. Russell Crow
  4. Cary Fleming (@caryf300)
  5. john a gorman (@talkers)
  6. John Kraemer
  7. Amanda Miller (@MrsMoose)
  8. Tom Nieman

Tool and Supplies

  1. [To Be Populated]

Videos and Resources

Digital Printing Resolution

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Rules for Safe Use of Tools

[To Be Populated]

Meeting Minutes

June 2019

Supply Lists from Classes

[To Be Populated]