Woodshop Committee Meeting 20160223

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This is the meeting agenda for the Woodshop Committee for February 23, 2016.

Add stuff, please!

Time and Location

7:00pm, 23 February 2016, Lecture Hall

Prior Minutes

We don't have any. Do we even need to bother with keeping minutes?

Financial Statement / Budget

We're broke.

Agenda Items for Discussion and Decision-making

  • Selection of new Committee Chair
  • Committee rules
    • What is needed?
  • Training
    • Woodshop Basics now has 7 trained instructors, moving to three classes per week to try and meet demand
    • Lathe Basics now twice a week
    • CNC Router remains at once per month
    • Pen Turning added two instructors, classes now scheduled
    • Bowl Turning classes now scheduled
    • Wood Carving still popular once a week
    • Picture framing
    • Need more classes on basic woodworking, like Joinery, using hand tools, Finishing, etc.
    • More teachers needed!
    • Discuss regimented schedule for classes. Draft schedule:
      • Woodshop Basics 3 times per week (M W Sa)
      • Lathe Basics 2 times per week (T Sa)
      • CNC Testing 1 time per week (Tr)
      • Festool Class 1 per month
      • MultiCam CNC Router 1 per month
  • Maintenance - Tools are being used more, and more problems cropping up
    • Shop Maintenance Workday weekly? Bi-Weekly?
    • Scheduled Maintenance
    • Charging for breakages, discussion
  • Activities Currently in progress
    • Redesign of Shop Floor, tool location layout, electrical drops, dust collection
    • Storage cabinets, etc
    • Considering stocking sheet goods, honor system fees for consumable items
  • Money
    • Maintenance and consumable costs rising rapidly with increase in users in shop
    • Planned Capital purchases
      • Dust collection system improvements
      • Heavy duty Planer
      • Need to prioritize purchases
      • Powermatic Lathe