Woodshop Committee Meeting 20160418

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This is the meeting agenda for the Woodshop Committee for April 18, 2016.

Add stuff, please!

Time and Location

8:00pm, 18 April 2016, Lecture Hall

Prior Minutes

We don't have any. Do we even need to bother with keeping minutes?

Financial Statement / Budget

We're broke.

Agenda Items for Discussion and Decision-making

Hello everyone!

Please see the topics below and let me know if any other items need to be added.

See you there! -AZ

Topics for discussion:

- New Layout

 * Dust Collection (status update from Mat)
 * Miter Saw support table (Brian Stout)
 * Small lathe stand (Brian Davis)
 * Work tables (Andrew Z)
 * Clamps storage (Andrew Z)
 * Log storage area (Jeff C)
 * New tool acquisitions and donations
 * Implementation (TEAM)

- Required Classes

 * Do we want to require training to use ALL lathes? 
     * Lathe Basics 
     * Pen Turning
     * Intro to Bowls? (prerequisite to use the Powermatic)
     * Advanced Lathes? (class taught on the Powermatic)
 * How to track members after completing training?
     * Issue "Tokens/Badges" (Andrew Z)
 * Woodshop Basics is required for ALL new members.
     * Can we offer a "Woodshop Refresher" for existing members?
         * This course will be 30-60 mins and walk existing members through the new layout and tools

- Plastics

 * Should a "Plastics in the Woodshop" be offered?
 * Limit plastics to ONLY CUTTING (NO SANDING)
 * other composites,  Bondo? 

- Open Discussion

 * This time will be open for members to bring up any topics that have not been addressed.

-Items that need an owner

 * Spindle Sander
 * Large Bandsaw
 * Bandsaw Blade Assortment only for Smaller Bandsaw.