Woodshop Committee Meeting 20181105

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Special Woodshop Committee Meeting minutes

  • Dust collection research was presented. The only option with comparable specs to the Felder RL350 was the Laguna X|flux. Multiple objections were raised regarding Laguna's quality, reputation for service, and propensity for malfunction. The voltage incompatibility issue was false. Mark Salas visited the Felder showroom and witnessed it running on 208VAC on a 50A breaker. All of the things that are listed as being problems with Laguna are actually strengths with Felder, and the deal has already been negotiated and approved. The decision was made to stay with Felder.
  • Table saw options were discussed, and a budget of $4000 to be spent on a replacement for the Delta was approved by unanimous vote. A model was not chosen as research was ongoing but the consensus was that with the research gathered from committee members and presented by Mark, that his judgment was trusted to purchase a quality product with the budget provided.
  • Combo sander replacement options were discussed and a unanimous vote was approved to purchase the Jet 24" Disc sander to replace it.