Woodshop Committee Meeting 20190129

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== 01/29/2019 Woodshop Committee Meeting Minutes ==

1.) Maintenance issues in the woodshop were addressed.

 Committee members were asked to assist with the following ongoing maintenance issues:
    a. Sanding belts/drums/spindles
    b. Bandsaw blades
    c. General cleanliness
    d. Dust collection

2.) Recent injuries and preventative measures in the woodshop were discussed.

3.) New purchases over $500 were put up for vote.

    a. Spindle sander-postponed pending more concrete expansion dates.
    b. Lathes-postponed pending more concrete expansion dates.
    c. Miter saw-9 voted for, 0 against and 2 undecided for purchasing the Festool Kapex compound miter saw. Purchase was approved.

4.) Vote to install stock feeder on Powermatic 12" jointer.

    9 voted for, 0 against, 7 undecided for installing the newly purchased stock feeder on the jointer.  Plan was approved and will commence in development.

5.) Ryan Davidson volunteered and was appointed as woodshop committee meeting secretary. He will be keeping and posting minutes from the woodshop committee meetings until further notice.

6.) Expanded woodshop RFID access "grandfather" rule discussed.

    The possibility of a grandfather rule being applicable to members who have already had woodshop training was discussed.  A consensus was reached on the following terms:

Woodshop Access Changes Coming!
Depending on when a DMS member participated in Woodshop 101 orientation/safety classes, training may have been limited to only a few tools, while access was granted to all the tools in the shop. However, due to the recent increase in membership numbers, there has been a sharp increase in injuries and damage to the machines and tools.
The Woodshop Committee dislikes injured members and "out of service due to damage” equipment. Therefore, when the Woodshop is relocated during the DMS Expansion, RFID tags will become part of access for ALL large stationary and bench-mounted tools as well as specialty hand tools. Safety procedures and tool maintenance training will become MANDATORY.  This means that while you may retain access to some tools/machinery, without proper training under your belt you will lose access to other tools currently taught in Woodshop 102.
Current DMS members who have completed Woodshop 101 (have RFID access to large tools) and wish to maintain full woodshop access will be required to complete one of the following actions in order to have maintain full tool access. 

  • Option 1
    • Complete Woodshop 102 
    • Members who have completed woodshop 101 in the past but have not completed Woodshop 102 should make plans to attend one of the “Woodshop 102: Crash Course” classes that will be held between now and the completion of the DMS expansion efforts.
    • The “crash course” will cover the drill press, band saws, sanders and routers. These courses will also be presented in “demonstration only” style, to keep the time commitment to a minimum for participants.
  • Option 2
    • Complete the newly developed sequence of Woodshop classes that apply practical knowledge to the power tools they wish to access.
    • Graduates of the full sequence leave with a completed wood cutting board using more than one type of wood.
      Note: There will likely be a “project free” version of these classes as well.


  • Woodshop 1 – Basic Safety Class
    • Overview of Basic Shop Safety Rules and Basic Machine/Tool Safety
    • Miter Saw
    • Dust Collectors (Both)
    • Cleanup procedures
  • Woodshop 2 - Milling Class
    • Jointer
    • Planer
    • Table Saw (rip)
    • Surface Sander
    • Glue Up (edge joint)
  • Woodshop 3 - Shaping Class
    • Table Saw (crosscut)
    • Shaping Sanders
    • Router (corners, round-over)
    • Surface/Finish Sanding
  • Woodshop 4 - Finishing Class
    • Drill Press
    • Band Saws

Be Advised: Upon completion of our expansion efforts, DMS members who have NOT already gained access via one of the above methods will automatically default to Option 2 – and be required to complete all appropriate basic classes to regain access to the full workshop.
Additional Woodshop classes are also being developed to provide access to the Drill Press, Band Saws and bench tools (which will be stored in RFID-tagged cabinets) such as the Plunge Router, Track Saw, Domino & Domino XL, Biscuit Joiner and Power Planer.