Woodshop Committee Meeting 20190228

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== 02/28/2019 Woodshop Committee Meeting Minutes ==

1.) Maintenance Issues

    a. Only 4 people showed up for maintenance day, need more people to show up to get the woodshop back in order. Proposing an additional workday as the planer did not get enough attention, thank you Nate for rotating the blades. Parts for the drill press have been ordered to get it back in order. Next maintenance day will be Sunday, March 24th.
    b.	Old equipment, potential donation of a new Craftsmen drill press.
    c. General cleanliness has been a problem. Less about people leaving messes but more about larger machines not being fully cleaned, such as 20 lbs of dust around the CNC machine, not clamping down the filter and dust blowing everywhere. Use common sense to make your decisions, please let people know if people are not using common sense to protect members and our tools.
    d. Dust Collection has to be the best possible at the site of the tool, otherwise the best dust collector won’t work, need to refit the ducting. 

2.) Felder Issues:

Felder has advised the order has been cancelled and the $5,000 deposit has been lost. Mark and Kris visited Felder in November to view the unit and Felder is advising they have no record of this and they couldn’t contact us. They were trying to contact and Andrew and they didn’t get in touch with the correct contacts here. We will refer the issue to legal about the deposit. If we continue with them and have it installed in the current space there will be a significant cost to have it reinstalled in the new woodshop location. Mark gave one option of a 10 HP Laguna that would only be $10,000. Any change to the plan would have to be run back through the Fire Marshall. We could get 2 of these Laguna. For used external Donaldson Torrit would be $80,000 with no warranty. Kris suggested we get 2 suggestions and bring them to the fire marshal. Oneida 10 HP system shows online at $7,850. Things to keep in mind are not only capacity of the machine but emptying the bags and cleaning the filters. Laguna does have a self-cleaning filter. If we went with the Laguna we would want ambient filtration as well. Laguna is 80 dB, negligible difference from the Felder system.

    a. Motion: Propose we present the purchase of the internal Laguna 10 HP filtration system to the Fire Marshall for approval. Passed unanimously, no opposed, no undecided.

3.) New Purchases (Vote)

    a. Spindle Sander- Since we are getting new dust collection it makes sense to get the spindle sander discussed last month with dust collection. Jet 7423950 including a 4” dust collection port. Discussed we can likely get 10% off at Rockler. 
         i. Motion: Approve to buy the Jet spindle sander with dust collection. Passed unanimously, no opposed, no undecided.
    b. Drum Sander- Tabled until expanded to new location.
    c. Dust Collector

4.) Member Issues

    a. Signage for woodshop on new training required: Agreed to have poster sizer or larger signage advising of additional training once RFIDs are installed.
    b. Garage Sale: Look at selling unused tools for committee funds.