Woodshop Committee Meeting 20190328

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Woodshop Committee Meeting 03/28/2019


1. Maintenance Issues were discussed

a. Great Maintenance Day!

b. Old Equipment-needs to be offsited for garage sale

c. General Cleanliness-(improving)

d. DUST COLLECTION-Ongoing improvement required until felder is delivered

2. Felder Issues were discussed

(unit is ready to engineer and install, waiting on payment and delivery)

3. New Purchases (Vote)

a. 14” Bandsaws-15 for, 0 against, 1 undecided. (2qty) Jet SFX 1 3/4HP 14" Bandsaws to be ordered to replace the old ones

b. Good Scroll Saw-tabled until next meeting pending more complete research

4. Need someone to update the wiki-Judy Khrein volunteered

5. Need help organizing the garage sale-Suggested that we ask James in PR, old equipment will be listed on craigslist first

6. Member Issues

a. Woodshop table build day needed

b. Need a dedicated woodshop work cart

c. Need tombstone and kiosk out of the woodshop

d. Need to order inside air filters for Jet air cleaners