Woodshop Committee Meeting 20190518

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  • Meeting Minutes:
  • Maintenance Issues were discussed
  • Maintenance day immediately following committee meeting was announced
  • Volunteers were recruited to help with calibrating the jointer and planer and installing 2 new roboreels.
  • Committee was updated that the Felder RL 350 should be delivered within a week
  • New motor installation plan for jointer following 3PH power drop installation was introduced and volunteers were recruited. (5HP 3PH)
  • New Purchases (Vote)
  • 1. New Drill Press - 12 for, 0 against, 0 undecided
  • Powermatic PM 2800B will be purchased and installed and the old Nova Voyager DVR will be sold and funds added to the committee
  • Jeff Courtman will help organizing the garage sale.
  • Guitar making SIG was announced, but no interested members were present.
  • Mark Salas was unanimously voted in as chairman, and announced Mike Jury as his vice chair for the next term
  • Volunteers were requested to help assemble the work tables that still need building (28)
  • Member Issues were discussed.
  • 1. Training videos will be made for each workstation, and a QR code will be located on each machine that links to the videos.
  • 2. New drive and live centers are needed for the lathes.
  • Members voted to have pizza served during the maintenance day.