Woodshop Committee Meeting 20190824

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08/24/2019 Woodshop committee meeting minutes. 1. Discuss budgetary concerns.

 Woodshop expenditures are unsustainable at the current level of ~$3k/mo with stipend and total available committee/class payout structure.
 Access to QBO was requested by M. Salas.
 Floor was opened to ideas that would reduce expenditures.
 -Further reduce consumables
 -Increase trackability of ptp consumables
 -look for sponsorships from JPW and Rockler

2. Schedule next maintenance day and committee meeting

  Sept 21st

3. Member Issues

A: Air conditioning not cooling woodshop adequately. B: Drill press is broken, need to obtain warranty repair. C: Drill bits need an organization system. D: Need signs regarding loss of specified consumables.

Committee Votes:

 Motion to purchase new Jet 12"x18" MIDI VS Lathe + extra stand for donated lathe
 Motion made by : Mike Jury
 Motion seconded by: Kris Anderson
 Vote: 6 for 0 against 1 abstain
 Motion pass
 Motion to present felder ventilation plan to the board for implementation prior to October 31, 2019
 Motion made by : Chris Ghaly
 Motion seconded by: Mike Jury
 Vote: 6 for 0 against 1 abstain
 Motion pass
 Motion to remove double doors in woodshop until Felder exhaust issue is resolved.
 Motion made by : Patrick O'Lone
 Motion seconded by: Chris Ghaly
 Vote: 6 for 0 against 1 abstain
 Motion pass