Woodshop Committee Meeting 20190921

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Members in attendance: Mark Salas-Chairman Mike Jury-Vice Chairman Bert Rabbe-MultiCam-SIG Leader Lara Rosenblith-President Chris Ghaly-Instructor Kris Anderson-Member Ed Mastin-Member

Meeting called to order at 12:00PM. 1. Teachers needed for basics classes. Kris Anderson volunteered to teach some basic courses. Calendar and access directory issues were discussed. Issues affecting teacher's willingness to teach were discussed. 2. Maintenance day tasks:

   • Planer knife replacement and calibration
   • Jointer knife replacement and calibration
   • Cast iron resurfacing
   • Drum sander troubleshooting
   • General cleanup
   • Consumables inventory
   • Clean out/empty Felder

3. Drill press update Mitch's machine repair will be out to do a warranty repair sometime early next week. 4. Changing of the guard. Mark Salas is stepping down as committee chair effective immediately. Mike Jury is appointed by default and appointed Mark Salas as vice chair. Credit card should be transferred to Mike pending board approval as procurement officer. 5. Member issues: 1. Bert Rabbe:

   • Proposal to suspend Multicam SIG and fold Multicam maintenance and support into the Woodshop Committee effective Oct 1, 2019.
   • Define purchase procedures for Molza Tools sourced end mills.

Issue was referred to Lara for clarification with the board.

   • Proposal: In view of the ongoing delay and indeterminate expansion schedule, request BoD approval to install the available Felder ductwork in the current Woodshop in order to capture more of the dust being generated. Operating with the existing ductwork has yielded cleaner air but dirtier floors as the fine dust is being more effectively captured and the larger material is left behind. This will benefit both Woodshop users and DMS as a whole in that Woodshop curb appeal will be enhanced and help recruitment efforts. 

-find out if Felder has refunded the install costs. Bert Motioned to install Felder to factory specs, first option is professional install, last option is the do-ocracy. Seconded By Mike Ed-for Kris-for Mike-for Bert-for Chris-for Lara-abstained Mark-abstained 0-against 0-undecided Passed unanimously.

   • Clarify current status of AC issues and initiatives in progress. 

Bert's recommendation is to maintain negative pressure in the woodshop and using the Felder RL350 exhaust to blanket the return filter area with clean air during high runtimes. Mike says we should present the issue to infrastructure for final solution.

   • Clarify the future training program modifications dependent on installation of the RFID system, the current status of the Infrastructure Group design, and the timing of installation as it is currently defined. 

RFID system options and history were discussed in depth. Information was passed to Lara to discuss with the board

2. Additional member concerns: None

6. Adjourn