Woodshop Committee Meeting 20200307

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Woodshop Committee Meeting Agenda

Date:   March 7, 2020
Time:  12:00 PM
Location: Lecture Hall

Attendance Sign In


  1. Paul LaChance
  2. Jimmie Aldridge
  3. Jeff Goodman
  4. J. Tyler Mosteller
  5. Paul O’Kelly
  6. Charlie Long
  7. Nick Vacroux
  8. Steve Wynne
  9. Chris Ghaly
  10. Chris Money
  11. Jim Lancaster
  12. Adnan Talat
  13. Patrick O’Lone
  14. Tom Lorkowski

  1. Review and approval of minute from previous meeting
    1. Brief Verbal review of some points from the meeting including discussion on future spending and maintenance requirements. Detail discussion postponed until the April Meeting.
  2. Chair/Vice Chair discussion
    1. Brief Discussion of the changes since the last meeting.
    2. Paul opened the floor to motions for a vote of “No Confidence”. No motion made.
    3. Suggestion was made that the recommended structure of Shop Chair/Co-Chair should ideally include 3 or more individuals with primary and secondary responsibilities to ensure continuity of shop stewardship. Discussion to be continued at the April Meeting.
  3. Schedule Next Committee Election
    1. Next Chair election will be set for the May 2020 meeting.
  4. Discuss Signage for Shop
    1. Charlie Long presented her working document for signage - Thank you Charlie! Jim Lancaster is interested in helping as well. Thanks Jim! We will schedule a working session (Paul to connect and facilitate)  and provide an update at the April Meeting.
    2. Discussion on Maintenance schedules and maintenance logs  - Great initial work by Dan Wolf - Thanks Dan! The general feeling is that this is best incorporated with the woodshop wiki in general. Paul to facilitate the process between C. Long, J. Lancaster, D. Wolf and others with updates at the April Meeting.
  5. Finance report
    1. Major Expenses
      1. Discussion held pending April Meeting
    2. Repair Expenses
      1. Discussion on a reasonable level of common repair parts. A recommendation of common spare/repair parts other than true consumables to be available at the April Meeting. Committee will be asked to vote at that time.
    3. Purchasing Plan
      1. As the Consumables and Maintenance Wiki matures it is the intent of the committee to produce a quarterly forecast of planned expenses for review and approval. Once approved by committee this will be forwarded to the Board with purchasing recommendations.
  6. Training Schedules and Needs
    1. Classes Schedule
      1. TBD - Expand on in April
    2. Class Description
      1. Class Demand, Wish,
        1.  Discussed ongoing need for Required Training
      2. Instructor Availability
        1. Paul discussed that some  existing trainers may need to reduce the volume of training previously offered due to other commitments.
      3. Instructor Development
        1. Paul called for individuals interested in both required training and more project based skills development to volunteer. Several expressed interest - Paul will be working with them to meet training criteria over the next month.
  7. Equipment Status
    1. Equipment 
      1. Repair Status
        1. All Machines currently operational.
      2. Maintenance Status
        1. See above under 5.2 - Schedules are in development  and will be reviewed monthly until the committee feels they are stable. Review as needed or quarterly at a minimum thereafter suggested.
        2. See Wish List
  8. Consumables Management
    1. Supplies and replenishment
      1. Paul is working on suggested consumables levels and will update at the April meeting. Consumables list to become a part of the Wiki.
    2. Notes
  9. SIG Reports
    1. .
      1. SIG reports to be reviewed at the April Meeting
    2. MultiCam
    3. Lathe and Turning
    4. Pen Turning
  10. Edit Wiki for Woodshop
    1. Various Wiki updates are in process. As a whole the committee feeling is that the Wiki would benefit from several additions as described above. Topic for our next meeting agenda is to request a consensus that the Wiki should be our “Master Repository” and that any formal process/decision/policy/rule pertaining to Shop Governance should reside on the Wiki.
  11. Expansion Discussion (general)
    1. General footprint and layout for the new shop area is ~ 75% in place. Paul to review power, compressed air, lighting,  dust filtration requirements with Expansion team. Update to be provided at April Meeting.
  12. Work Plan
    1. .
      1. All Items completed.
    2. Change Jointer Blades
    3. Clean Felder, remove panel, remove filters and blow out
    4. Change filter on Overhead Blow off Dust and general clean up
    5. Polish and Wax Beds for Jointer/Planer/Profile Sander 
  13. Future maintenance 
    1. Standby Spoil board x2 for Multicam
    2. Cabinet Organization
    3. Sandpaper organizer
  14. Project opportunities (volunteer)
    1. .
      1. Lathe Walls -Complete!
      2. Kaizen Foam lathe cabinets - Complete
      3. Organize Turning tools.
      4. New Sanding Table
      5. Table Saw Organization Cabinets
      6. Bandsaw Fence storage 
      7. Cabinet Organization
      8. Festool Cabinet out of drawers
      9. Workshop  area organization
  15. Next Meeting - Propose 4/4/2020
  16. Adjourn