Woodshop Committee Meeting 20200815

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Time, location

2020-08-15 12:00 Interactive Classroom, Dallas Makerspace


  • Ian Lee
  • John White
  • Patrick O’Lone
  • Paul LaChance
  • Kevin Thompson
  • Nathan McAfee
  • Liz Becker
  • Andy Palazuelos


  • Vote to approve standard rules for machines as written. - Unanimous

PDF of collected rules can be found here: [1]

Meeting Notes:



  • Next step towards creating online education for our tools is to find videos to educate on safe use of tools as also create a set of questions to use to test for competency. Volunteers to do so:
    • Planer: Ian Lee
    • Jointer: Paul LaChance
    • Table Saw: Patrick O'Lone
    • Chop Saw: Nathan McAfee
    • Sanders: Liz Becker
    • Band Saws: Andy Palazuelos
    • Drill Press: John White

Reminders/ Announcements:

  • Storage: There is no personal / project storage in the woodshop / Annex.
  • Please do not spray raw iron machines. Spray a towel and use the damp towel to clean electronic switches and the handles that you touched. That is the only cleaning that should be required on our machines.