Woodshop Committee Meeting 20201003

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Time, location

2020-10-03 12:00 North Conference Room, Dallas Makerspace


  • Ian Lee
  • John White
  • Patrick O’Lone
  • Doug Cave
  • HB Smart
  • Tom Workowski
  • Andy Palazuelos


  • $500 for Jet Lathe parts and repairs - Unanimous
  • $500 for new Bora parallel clamps via sale - Unanimous
  • $1300 for Spare filters for Felder - Unanimous
    • This buys 5 as spares. These have an 8 week lead time right now, $210 apiece. If we damage one during maintenance, dust collector is down until new filters arrive.
  • Update the standard woodshop rules as found in the discussion area - Unanimous

Meeting Notes:

Discussion Rules amendments:

  • Document does not specify acceptable use of resin on shop tools
    • Require resin to be fully cured, minimum 7 days
    • Allow planer
    • Drum sander if using for own paper
    • Allow chop and table saw
    • Allow all other sander as normal
  • Document does not specify acceptable use of Live edge on Planer?
    • As long as no bark ok
  • Document requires Long sleeve shirts.
    • Change to No material below the elbow.
  • Document requires wrap-around glasses
    • Change to allow traditional prescription glasses
  • Document requires “full sealing respirator” for cleaning the felder
    • We don’t provide this so is it fair to require it?
    • Say "Should" but not "required".